Returning to work after coronavirus - European Guidelines

As the pandemic across Europe slowly begins to ease, companies are busy preparing their roadmap out of lock-down back to business life. Many employers are currently brainstorming about how they can implement certain measures in the workplace to make it; ‘COVID-19 Secure’. One thing for certain is that upon return to work, there will be general workplace requirements across Europe to ensure that employees are safe and hold minimal exposure to the virus. 

On 17 June, the European Commission presented a strategy for Europe to accelerate the development and manufacturing of vaccines against COVID-19. However, there is no vaccine yet so it is important for employers to continue to hold a virus free workplace at a priority for their employees.

Post-corona workplace
Organizations such as Health Stream are offering free courses to educate people on infection control to prevent a further corona virus outbreak.  There is talk that some employees may need to take courses upon returning to work as a part of our post-corona working life.

Other topics which prevail the new workplace after corona are:

  • Minimal exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Dealing with increased numbers of absence
  • Managing employees working from home
  • Providing care for recovered employees who had Corona
  • Staying up to date by using reliable sources of information
  • Compliance with sectoral guidelines.

It is important that employers stay up to date with the latest country specific and sometimes sectorial guidelines. At EuroDev we have a team of experts who are in contact with guideline specialists across Europe to help ensure you stay compliant and your employees are safe upon the return to work. 

confirmed corona cases in Europe per July 3rd

Figure 1: Table of confirmed cases in Europe per July 3rd 2020

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