Why European tradeshows are important for our clients

Recent research under North American companies shows that 75% of B2B companies find attending European trade shows important. This article outlines the reasons and benefits why B2B companies should attend European tradeshows. 

Visiting European tradeshows is the first step to business expansion 

If your company is planning to take their step forward in the European market, we understand how much it would help to build strong brand awareness on a global scale. Exhibiting in Europe provides you a great opportunity to broaden your customer base beyond your horizon. Brand awareness not only would help you expand your business on the continent but give you the exposure of a new worldwide market.

The beauty of a trade show is that you can share your product or service with a pre-selected audience while learning about the competition and building relationships with new customers.

Research outcome

Research conducted among North American companies also shows that 40% of B2B companies used tradeshows as one of their marketing channels to promote their products before business expansion. Additionally, 20% of respondents said that tradeshows are one their main lead source.

Global stats

As per the statistics, over 90% of the world’s leading international exhibitions take place in Europe, which equals more than 11,000 shows per year. Germany is said to rank first followed by France, Spain, and the Netherlands to organize the shows annually.

Being a part of the European exhibition will not only help you connect with vendors in the same business but will also help you get in touch with your prospective customers and strengthen your customer base. European exhibitions attract exhibitors, dealers and potential customers not just from Europe but from North America and Asia too. This data certainly braces up your decision to explore the European market place.

" The beauty of a trade show is that you can share your product or service with a pre-selected audience while learning about the competition and building relationships with new customers" 

Here are the 5 benefits for small businesses that plan to take part in the tradeshows. 

Trade shows for small businesses as well as top-notch giants are a perfect networking opportunity to build contacts and develop connections within your niche market. Communicating with other business owners would help in broadening your business perspective and exchange contact information, thus enabling growth in your brand message. 

Face-to-face interactions
Building strong relationships with customers is what the business world is all about and connecting with your customers face-to-face helps in building trust and increase the credibility of your business

Greater media exposure
Business trade shows are generally captured by news channels or media articles both at local and international levels. Moreover, well-designed trade show stands, fine products, and services, or clever trade show booth designs for interactions is a great way of making sure that the attendees spread the word about your brand on social media. Exhibiting with attention-grabbing trade show booths offers maximum brand exposure and ROI possibilities for your business.

Brand building
Brand image is everything, particularly for companies that hinge on trust and excellence. Exhibiting is a perfect way to tell your target audience that your company is thoughtful, reliable, and large enough to set up trade show stands at leading trade shows and events

Analyze the competition
Whether you are exhibiting as a small business trade show exhibitor or a Fortune 500 company, participating in exhibitions will provide you with the opportunity to analyze your competitors' strategy and products giving you the opportunity for a competitive edge. 

Generate sales on site
While the majority of exhibitors presume that trade shows are mainly for collecting leads for future marketing, you’ll be amazed to see more and more attendees buying products or services at trade show stands. So, apart from aiming for potential customers, you should also include tangible products or services in trade show booths that help you achieve direct sales!

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Source: EuroDev persona research 2019 

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