Trends and developments in the European automotive software industry

January 19, 2021

Export is alive - Corona's impact on finding distributors in Europe

November 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous and irreversible influence on (international) business-to-business sales. The pandemic gave birth to a crisis response which grew up to be the...

Becoming successful in Europe as North-American exporter | Webinar Recap

November 11, 2020

On November 5th, EuroDev and NDL hosted a webinar on how to become successful in Europe as a North-American exporter. The main topics of the webinar include business development in Europe,...

Opportunities and Trends in the European Retail-Tech Market

November 11, 2020

Retail: European DIY Infographic

September 23, 2020

The DIY or Do-it-yourself market (also sometimes known as then home improvement market) is one of Europe's largest retail markets. DIY stores help customers develop their own home, without...

5 steps for finding distributors in Europe

August 13, 2020

When a North American company strives for European business presence, the option of allying with a European distributor should be taken into consideration. An EU distributor has the ability...

Why UK-based Medical Device Manufacturers should focus on European expansion: 5 reasons

June 15, 2020

If you haven’t considered expanding to Europe, or if you are interested to expand your current European footprint, now could be the time to consider a European sales strategy that could...

Strategy for entering the European pet market

May 09, 2020

North America and Europe have one of the closest and strongest economic relationships in the world. There are relatively few trade barriers and many shared values between the two regions. ...

CanExport: helping Canadian SMEs expand in Europe

April 28, 2020

For Canadian manufacturers active in the healthcare industry, now might be the perfect time to expand into European markets. With plans to increase reimbursement of export expenses to...

Entering the EU Defense market

April 15, 2020

With 23 EU member states signing the agreement to increase investment in the EU defense market, the time for US defense manufacturers to expand into the European market is now. By...

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