Quiet Quitting: A Response to Quiet Firing?

September 22, 2022

After all the changes in the working world, quiet quitting appeared as a response to the hustle culture. There’s a thin line between quiet quitting and setting boundaries, employees claim....

A Guide for Hiring in Europe

September 14, 2022

Recent research shows that over 62% of companies are planning to hire internationally, and 38% indicated that they are going to establish global teams in the next six to twelve months. If...

Average Salaries in Europe 2022

September 07, 2022

When hiring employees abroad, one of the first things employers want to check is the average salary in the country. Here's an overview of the average salaries in Europe in 2022. 

Sick Leave in Europe 2022

August 31, 2022

When it comes to sick leave absence in Europe, not every country has the same rules. On average, employees in Europe receive 65% of their salary during sick leave. Keep reading to learn...

Global Hiring Increases at Record High despite Inflation

August 10, 2022

Many expected that inflation and companies struggling to maintain competitiveness in the market will affect hiring and that labor shortages will decrease. But the reality looks completely...

Switch Contractors to Employees: A Guide for Running an International Business

August 04, 2022

Since independent contractors are self-employed individuals and therefore liable for their taxes and equipment, many employers think this is the best option for their business. The truth...

76% of the UK companies struggle to hire new employees

July 29, 2022


Compliance & Regulatory Issues in 2022

July 27, 2022

For the past year, around the world and especially in Europe, HR professionals have been facing new challenges from trying to navigate The Great Registration to trying to introduce new...

Expand While Competitors Are Cutting Back

July 21, 2022

During challenging times, such as inflation, companies are much more careful where to invest, especially since the near future doesn’t look rosy. How should companies respond to these...

What Is a Better Solution for Your Business: 1099 Employees or W2 Employees?

July 14, 2022

Faced with the war on talent, many businesses are trying to come up with a hiring strategy that will grant them access to a bigger talent pool and cut the expenses, and many decide to hire...