Retail: European DIY Infographic

The DIY or Do-it-yourself market (also sometimes known as then home improvement market) is one of Europe's largest retail markets. DIY stores help customers develop their own home, without the need for any extra professional help.

The European market outlook

The DIY market in Europe grows at a moderate but steady CAGR of around 2% by 2020. Thanks to the growing DIY self-confidence of consumers, the spending on items such as furniture and tools has increased. The largest EU single markets are Germany, France & Great Britain. To find out more about this market, view our full infographic here or click the image below:

More information

If you are looking to expand into the European DIY market as a North American company, there are certain things to take into account. As your business development partner, we can assist with the time, language and cultural barriers that exist between Europe and North America. Our sales outsourcing service provides all the benefits of a local office, without the cost and risk involved in setting up your own. If this sounds like the right approach for you, we would love to tell you more. Reach out to VP of Retail, Anne Heyraud to find out more and discuss the possibilities.

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