Probationary Periods in Europe 2022

European countries have a different approach to probationary periods than countries like the USA or Canada where the probation period of a company can vary from 3 to 6 months. In general, it can be said that the probationary periods in Europe are shorter than in North America. However, notice periods in Europe tend to be longer. Here are the newest updates on probationary periods in Europe in 2022. 

A probationary period in France 

The probationary period in France differs per type of contract and per type of employee. Employees in a blue-collar role that have an indefinite term (also called a permanent contract), have a 2-month probationary period. Supervisors and technicians usually have a 3-month notice period, whereas management-level employees normally have 4 months. Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) may provide for differentiating terms. 

Sometimes the probationary periods are renewable. This can only be done once. The applicable CBA and the employment contract have to expressly provide for it. In France, temporary contracts with a probationary period are far from standard and in most cases not possible.

Probationary Period in Italy 

For many countries, as well as for Italy, the probation period may depend on the time of employment status one may have.  For executives, the maximum duration of a probation period in Italy is 6 months while for non-executives the period lasts up to 3 months.

Probationary Period Romania 

Each working individual is entitled to a probationary period in Romania, however, they are certain exceptions. Executive-level positions are entitled to a probation period of 90 days while management positions have the right to 120 days. For employees who have either a fixed or temporary employment agreement, the probationary periods are shorter. Nevertheless, that depends on the term of their employment and their position.

Probationary Period The Netherlands 

The probationary period in the Netherlands depends on the type of contract an employee may have. If an employee has an indefinite or fixed term contract for 2 years or more, then the period is 2 months. Under the CLA it is not permissible for employees to have a probation period of 1 month if their fixed employment contract is 6 months or less. 

In certain cases, however, such as when an employee has a contract that is less than 2 years but it is more than 6 months, the trial period is roughly a month. 

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Probationary Period Germany 

The probation periods in Germany can last up to 6 months but the statutory dismissal protection will start after 6 months only.

Probationary Period Austria

It is permissible to have a trial period in Austria for roughly a month, usually during the first month of employment.

Probationary Period Belgium 

The rules regarding the regular probation periods in Belgium have changed. According to the new regulations, a probation period is only inserted in employment contracts for students, temporary workers, or interim agency work.

Probationary Period the Czech Republic 

A usual contract period for workers in the Czech Republic for regular employees lasts up to 3 months while for managerial positions the period is 6 months. These periods can not be renewed or extended for longer than 6 months, however, this all must be agreed upon in writing.

Probationary Period Denmark 

Probation periods in Denmark are common but they last up to a maximum of 3 months.

Probationary Period Finland 

Although probationary periods in Finland are permitted, the duration should be around 6 months. The period may be extended depending on the uncertain factors that may affect an employee during the trial period such as sick leave or family leave.

Probationary Period Hungary 

Trail periods in Hungary are commonly used and they usually last up to 3 months while in some cases they can be extended up to 6 months if a mutual agreement is made.

Probationary Period Luxemburg 

Probation periods in Luxemburg usually vary between 2 weeks to 6 months, however, there are 2 conditions :

  1. If an employee's training is below the Technical and Professional Aptitude Certificate for Technical Education (CATP), then the probation period cannot be longer than 3 months.
  2. If the gross salary is greater than or equal to EUR 4,474.31 gross at index 834 then the probation period can be up to 12 months.

Probationary Period Norway 

Norway has a similar probationary limit as Finland and other Nordic countries. The period lasts up to  a statutory limit of 6 months

Probationary Period Ireland

A trial period in Ireland is permissible.  However there is no statutory limit, but 3 to 6 months is fairly common.

Probationary Period the Slovak Republic

A probationary period in the Slovak Republic is usually agreed upon in the employment contract for either 3 months or for a maximum of 6 months in the case of senior managers (i.e., those with responsibility for the direction of the company or who report directly to such a manager).

The probationary period may not be extended. A probationary period cannot be agreed upon in the case of re-employment for a fixed-term period. This period must be agreed upon in writing. Otherwise, it is invalid.

Probationary Period Poland

An employment contract for a probationary period is a separate employment contract that differs from the other types of employment contracts. A probationary period in Poland cannot be longer than 3 months. The aim of employment under this type of contract is to check the skills and qualifications of the employee and the possibility of employment for a specific type of work. As a rule, the employer may engage an employee for a trial period only once.

Probationary Period Sweden 

A probationary period in Sweden is permissible. Subject to a statutory limit of 6 months.

Probationary Period Switzerland

 A trial period in Switzerland is also permissible but usually lasts up to 3 months.

Overall, for North American companies who wish to expand to Europe, such resources are useful to know as it is going to ease the process of doing business when moving to Europe. 

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