How the MDR and UKCA regulation will impact your sales

November 30, 2020

We sales & marketing people are in general not very much interested in regulatory stuff. However if you do not want your sales in the UK and Europe to be disrupted, it is important to take...

Hiring independent contractors or employees? - A hot topic in Europe

November 25, 2020

Independent contractors are a hot topic in Europe, especially in times like these. Independent contractors bring more flexibility to the company but also certain risks, as there are subject...

INTERVIEW: Evaluating the European expansion journey

November 16, 2020

In this 10-minute interview, Bionix shared their experiences concerning European expansion. What did they learn? Also, Bionix shared their thoughts on EuroDev's European expansion...

Export is alive - Corona's impact on finding distributors in Europe

November 13, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous and irreversible influence on (international) business-to-business sales. The pandemic gave birth to a crisis response which grew up to be the...

US Start-Up Chooses Europe as First Global Office

November 13, 2020

Silicon Valley biotech start-up introduces Mylo™, a mycelium-based leather alternative, to the Netherlands.

Hiring in Germany

November 12, 2020

Germany remains one of the most attractive countries for finding and hiring talent for our US clients as it has one of the strongest economies in the world and its central spot in...

Becoming successful in Europe as North-American exporter | Webinar Recap

November 11, 2020

On November 5th, EuroDev and NDL hosted a webinar on how to become successful in Europe as a North-American exporter. The main topics of the webinar include business development in Europe,...

Opportunities and Trends in the European Retail-Tech Market

November 11, 2020

Fixed-Term Contracts in Germany, France and Denmark

November 04, 2020

There are two types of employment contracts a fixed term (temporary) contract and a permanent contract. While the most common practice is to offer permanent contracts to employees, it...

WEBINAR: How to become successful in Europe as a North-American manufacturer?

October 23, 2020

Holland International Distribution Council and EuroDev are excited to invite you to our joint webinar in which we will share experiences and knowledge when it comes to successfully...