The Benefits of Local Warehousing for Henry Molded Products

Fast shipping is important to customers, whether you are in the B2B or in the B2C business. As a North American supplier you need to be able to meet the expectations of your European customers as well. That means you have to go the extra mile if you want to compete with 'local' EU suppliers. Fast delivery gets much easier if your inventory is already stored on mainland Europe. In this blog, you will read how EuroDev's client Henry Molded Products profits from local warehousing services.

The article below was originally published in Bolk Magazine #63.

Henry Molded uses local warehousing in Europe

Industrial paper mache

Henry Molded Products is a world leader in designing, developing and producing environmentally conscious packaging solutions. The family business was founded in 1962 and has their head office and two production locations in the United States. It markets innovative, high quality recycled paper fiber products and exports them all over the world. Locally: the British islands are served from an office in the UK and the European mainland is served from Almelo.

Business Development Manager James Dahoe from Enschede is responsible for sales and marketing on mainland Europe, together with two EuroDev colleagues. EuroDev (short for The European Business Development Group) has helped over 300 leading North American companies to successfully expand into Europe for the past 20 years. 

“Henry Molded's ‘green’ products are cast from recycled paper. To clients I often compare it to paper mache, because everybody still remembers that from kindergarten. That often works well to create a mental image”, laughs James Dahoe. The applications for paper mache are infinite. It can range from flowerpots, creative decoration material to coffins and recyclable cooling boxes. The sky is the limit.”

Stable, cheap and green stacking

“Henry Molded Products’ most popular product line is the so-called ‘Stakker® Roll Cradle System'. We focus on these products, because they yield a lot of benefits. This ‘industrial paper mache’ or molding fiber packaging is an ideal solution for storage and transportation of any cylinder-shaped product. They are often used in the paper, plastic and textile industries, but also for steel or PVC tubes. Stakkers® make it possible to stack up more rolls on a pallet. It saves storage space and costs.

Additionally, it's a more stable and safe way of stacking. You can ship up to two and a half times as much volume in a container or truck, which also drastically reduces shipping costs. Also, Stakkers® are a sustainable and green product; they are completely recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable. That's increasingly important to the end user. Our products are available in 42 different sizes, for rolls with a diameter of 5 to 102 centimeters. This is adjusted to market demands. We also supply tailored sizes on request.”

Storage capacity in The Netherlands

“Henry Molded Products has over 300.000 square meters of factory floor space in America. To guarantee fast shipping worldwide they chose to add warehousing in Europe. At first this was arranged from the UK, but Brexit was a reason to expand their warehousing to The Netherlands. This way, we avoid complex export procedures while low cost shipping to our mainland end users is still possible. That is very important for packaging products.

In our quest to find storage capacity we conducted two research assignments. Both times Bolk Logistics came out on top. Their location is close to the EuroDev office and other EuroDev colleagues are using these facilities for warehousing as well. Bolk Logistics’ team manages the inventory levels and the entry, storage and removal of stock. Transportation is possible on demand. Communication is easy and timely, and the service is good. We are working hard on further expansion into the European market. This will mean that our relationship with Bolk Logistics will expand in the near future.”

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