Human Resources trends in Europe

In Europe, HR is becoming increasingly important. HR has gained influence in the decision-making process and is having more seats in management and leadership teams. In this blog, our HR Consultant Carolyn Braaksma highlights the most significant trends for Human Resources in Europe. Examples of topics that are covered are the key challenges faced by HR professionals in Europe and the key components of a successful corporate culture.

In Europe, it is seen that HR is becoming increasingly important in management and leadership teams. HR has gained influence in the decision-making process. Furthermore, HR professionals feel that the credibility of HR has increased in their organization.

How HR supports the realization of main strategic business topics

The rapidly changing business landscapes are a key area of focus for leadership and management teams in Europe. The European HR community consider innovation as the main strategic business topic for their organization. Other important strategic business topics that are identified by the European HR community are:

  • Growth (internationalization and market share)
  • Digital transformation
  • Agility and efficiency
  • Attract and develop talent

The implementation of a strategy that involves these five strategic business topics as main pillars, requires a strong support from HR. Business priorities such as innovation, growth, digital transformation, and attracting and developing talent go hand in hand with the responsibilities of HR. Hence, HR has to partner with the leadership team to strengthen these five pillars. 

Other important strategic human resources topics identified by the European HR Community are:

  • Recruiting the right talent
  • Leadership and management development
  • Employee development
  • Digitalization
  • Change management and retention

Key components that support the development of a successful culture

Every organization wants to have a successful corporate culture. HR plays a crucial role in the development of a successful culture. What are the key components? Some of the tools and initiatives that help to build European organizations with developing a successful culture include:

1. Meaningfulness:  vision, values, strategy

  • Leaders as role-models; organization living the values
  • Competing values framework
  • Storytelling-involving stakeholders
  • Culture workshops
  • Cultural transformation tools
  • Conducting a value dialogue
  • Change management approach influencing model
  • Dissemination and discussion on business principles, suggestions for improvement

2. Authentic communication

  • Engaging executive board
  • Strategy dialogues
  • Business status updates
  • Quality 1:1s between manager and employee
  • Cross-hierarchical workshops
  • Cross-departmental business breakfast
  • Dilemma exercises

3. Learning and development

  • Development toolbox for Learning and development managers at all levels
  • Competency framework
  • Managers courses to handle change
  • Strategies for conversations with employees
  • Mentoring for leaders
  • Internal academy, onboarding program
  • Development centers
  • Training in employer branding

4. Well-being at work

  • Workplace health policy
  • Wellness initiatives (including mental health) for employees, employee surveys on well-being and mental health, benefits for employees’ health and well-being

5. Diversity and inclusion

  • Diversity chart
  • Unconscious discrimination training
  • Choice of benefits considering generational mix

Key challenges faced by the HR community while delivering value to the organization

Adding value is not easy. One has to overcome challenges and to find solutions. What are the key challenges faced by the European HR community while delivering value to the organization? In order to deliver strategic value to the organization, the most prominent HR challenges to overcome are:

  • Lack of HR technologies and tools
  • Understaffed HR team
  • Scarcity of good candidates in the labor market
  • Misalignment between departments
  • Deficient internal communication

Are you interested in how to overcome these challenges? Or are you interested in how your HR department can support your leadership team realizing business objectives? Let's connect! 

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