Strategy for entering the European pet market

North America and Europe have one of the closest and strongest economic relationships in the world. There are relatively few trade barriers and many shared values between the two regions.  There are however significant differences between these economies, making succeeding in the European market a challenge. Let's explore how EuroDev can help with expanding into the European pet market.

The European Pet Market vs North America

The high number of European pet owners and the steady growth of European pet industry make Europe an attractive target. But, the diversity of languages, laws, regulations and customs can make it difficult for North American companies to approach. And it’s not just the intricacies of a complex marketplace that are daunting. North American companies that pursue European opportunities on their own may have to establish a physical presence on the continent, This can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Benefits of an outsourced sales team

These difficulties are the reason many North American companies choose to work with an experienced European business development partner. An alliance with a firm that truly understands how European markets work can help North American companies develop actionable strategies that save money, time and frustration. In fact, working with the right partner can be a sure-fire path to success.

Top five reasons to outsource sales in Europe

A strategic alliance could be the perfect solution for North American SMEs looking to enter or expand in Europe, because a professional, experienced European business developer offers:

1) In-depth knowledge about and experience in serving the EU pet product industry
2) A well-established network of contacts that includes promising, well-qualified prospects
3) Expert guidance on local business laws and customs
4) Multilingual support for prospects and customers during local business hours
5) The ability to help you quickly gain a foothold in the market by helping you establish an office, source suppliers and even hire staff if necessary

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to learn more about how a trusted, proven sales outsourcing partner could help your business, please contact Anne Heyraud, VP of our Retail Unit.

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