Employment in Europe 2020 - Report Available

What did the European employment situation look like in 2020? 2020 was an eventful year. In this blog, an overview is given on some key European employment figures. The impact of COVID-19 on employment is definitely visible. To access the full European Employment 2020 Report, please click here: European Employment 2020 Report.

The number of full-time employees in the European Union and the United Kingdom

Since 2013, the European Union has experienced a steady annual growth in the number of full-time employees. In 2020, however, the COVID-19 situation has caused a huge decline as a result of uncertainty in the international labor market.  

Number of full-time employees in the EU 2002-2020

Unemployment rate in Europe - Q1 2021

The average unemployment of the European Union (EU27) is 7.1%. This is higher than the unemployment rate in the United States, which is 5.9% in June 2021.

Looking at the employment rate of the bigger European companies, we see the following unemployment rates:

  • The Netherlands: 3.2%
  • Poland: 3.6%
  • Germany: 3.7%
  • United Kingdom: 4.7%
  • France: 7.3%
  • Italy: 9.7%
  • Spain 15.1%

Unemployment Rate in Europe 2021

Working from home in Europe

Working from home, or working remotely, is a development that has been accelerated by COVID-19. In Europe this has also been one of the most important HR Trends. The European countries that have working from home the most are:

  • Finland: 25.1%
  • Luxembourg: 23.1%
  • Ireland: 21.5%
  • Austria: 18.1%
  • Netherlands: 17.8%

To have more information on how countries have adapted to the new remote work standard, we invite you to take a look at the full report

Average Yearly Salary of full-time employees in EU countries

Below an overview is provided on the average annual salary of full-time employees in European countries. It might not be a surprise that Luxembourg is the league leader. If Switzerland was a selected country, it would have been a competitor. Poland is a surprise in this table. 

For more information on the average wages in Europe and the cost of hiring in Europe, we invite you to read our blog on Costs of Hiring European Employees.

Average Yearly Salary of full-time employees in selected European Countries 2020


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