Pros & Cons of The Most Popular B2B Marketing Platforms in Europe

 B2B marketing in Europe had been the main topic of discussion, not just in the European Commission, but also in the US to European trading and sales outsourcing markets. How do you find businesses to collaborate with, once you have set up shop in the European market? A survey conducted by Divante exclaimed that experts believed that the business-to-business marketplace was the biggest development of 2021 and will only keep growing. 

In this blog, we will find the best B2B platforms in Europe that are ruling the markets and have made a name for themselves. Keeping in mind the fact that if the study conducted by Gartner is correct 70% of the marketplaces of enterprises will serve B2B transactions by 2023. Europe is a major reflection of this trend. In 2010 it had around 20 B2B marketplaces, and within a decade, it rose to 300 and more marketplaces. These marketplaces generated a revenue of 3 billion euros to date. So, let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of some of the most popular B2B platforms:

Amazon Business

Amazon Business, B2B Europe


Amazon Business is one of the top B2B brands and is a global giant in Europe and worldwide, its focus is bringing “suppliers to customers, and customers to suppliers,”. To start their eCommerce business companies need to register themselves with the marketplace. Amazon Business provides purchasing solutions for registered businesses. Requisitioners can purchase business supplies on behalf of their employer. Administrators can add business account members and manage settings such as payment methods, shipping addresses, approvals, and reporting. This platform allows employers to have multiple users to buy in their absence, making it a lot more convenient. Amazon business has updated product content and helps the business by providing all necessary information such as images and videos, user guides and applications, CAD files, etc. 


Amazon’s FBA service also costs money. According to nChannel, the e-tailer breaks its fees down by size (standard and oversize), weight, and time of year. For example, distributors can expect fulfilment and storage fees to include these services:

  • Picking and packing orders
  • Shipping and handling orders
  • Customer service
  • Product returns
  • Storage per cubic foot per month

Fees aside, other cons include the fact that Amazon’s branding is always going to overpower yours, and that—unlike your own e-commerce storefront—its system is not customizable to your operations. 

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 

LinkedIn Business, marketing in Europe

LinkedIn has a platform that consists of over  722 million users as of January 2022 and prides itself on being the 1# platform for lead generation. 25% of all American adults use LinkedIn, and 22% of those use it every single day. The social media site is extremely useful for networking, especially for small businesses for which a new contact can mean a possible new business venture. But like all of the major social networks, it has both benefits and downfalls as a business tool. Here we will look at both the good and bad sides of the social media site.


Most LinkedIn users are either professionals or aspiring professionals. These people all share the same goal – to network and make connections. Because of this, you can apply a slightly more direct approach. Much like many other social media sites, LinkedIn has a focus on content. No matter if it’s achievements, job openings, or general updates, LinkedIn allows you to post them. Having a well-made LinkedIn page for your business is not only a good way for professionals to find you. It’s also a great way of finding potential leads. If you’re a small business and are waiting for SEO strategies to boost your website ranking, try searching your business name on Google. Chances are, much like your personal branding, your LinkedIn page will rank high.


Creating and maintaining a successful LinkedIn network takes time and effort. This is separate from the time taken to create an effective profile or page. Credibility in various groups on the site requires regular activity. And although LinkedIn is free to join, the price of additional and better services can soon begin to rack up. LinkedIn Premium prices range from $29.99/month for ‘Premium Career’ to $119.95/month for ‘Recruiter Lite’. One of the benefits of these price brackets offer is the ability to see more information on users and businesses. Although these can offer huge benefits when compared to a free account, these can be costly for a starter or medium-sized business. Especially considering these prices do not include certain taxes.

Keep in mind that, while LinkedIn for individuals might be a great place to stay in touch with old colleagues, get referrals for new business or look for a new job, that audience might not be that relevant for your business expansion in Europe.


Funding Circle, B2B Europe

Finally, when it comes to choosing the right partner for your company it is paramount to have a clear view of expenses and any additional costs along the way because being successful in getting new deals or entering new markets should not overflow you with costs that you cannot cover. That being said in Europe it is always good to have your own feet on the ground, whether you're an online or offline business.

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