Corona virus: implications for Polish staff

The Corona virus raises many questions and uncertainties. What consequences does the COVID-19 have for your Polish staff? Every country has their own measures regarding the Coronavirus. We monitor the situation and have put all information together per country. If you employ people in Poland, the information below might help you with managing your Polish staff.

Measures set by the government 

On March 19, 70  new coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in Poland. The total number of infected individuals increased to a total of 355. 

Poland has sealed its borders, closed malls and schools and banned gatherings of more than 50 people. And yet experts say the real fight against coronavirus has only just begun. Poland has declared a state of “epidemiological emergency” but not yet a full state of emergency. 


1. Can an employer order his/her employees to work remotely? 

Yes, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, your employer may order your employees to work remotely. This is due to the so-called special laws, i.e. a special law regarding specific solutions in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. 

2. Will the renumeration change for a remote work order? 

No, the employee's salary will not change. Remote work is simply changing the place of work.  

3. What happens if the employee is sick (They became unable to work due to illness during the period of sickness insurance) ? 

The employee is entitled to sick pay and then sickness benefit.

4. When is sick leave/ quarantine paid?  

It is a necessity to pay sick pay during illness/ quarantine for the first 33 days, and for employees over the age of 50 – for the first 14 days. 


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