Corona virus: implications for Czech staff, recent developments explained

The Corona virus raises many questions and uncertainties. What consequences does the COVID-19 have for my staff in Czech Republic? At EuroDev we are dealing with European HR matters every day. With our experience, we try to answer your questions as clear as we can. Every country has their own measures regarding the Corona virus. We monitor the situation and have put all information together per country. If you employ people in Czech Republic, the information below might help you with managing your Czech staff.

*The information in the blog has the purpose to help the reader with gaining more knowledge and insights on the measures taken by the government. Please keep in mind that we have outlined basic rules. There might be specific terms, rules and regulations to each measure. As a result, EuroDev cannot guarantee any reimbursements or liabilities.  For more detailed information, please contact our experts.

General information

As of April 8 2020, there are 5,033 confirmed corona cases in Czech Republic. 

On 12 March 2020, the State of Emergency was declared in Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is following a so-called "smart-quarantine". The goal of smart quarantine is to prevent the further spread of the virus. All individuals need to be equipped with a face mask while outside of their residence.  Retail sales and the sales of services on the spot is forbidden, with the exception of foodstuffs, fuel, pharmacies and other welfare goods. .

Employers and employees 

Home office

Performance of work from home is only possible upon agreement with the employee, specific rules can be adjusted by an internal guideline

What obstacles in work can be considered and what reimbursement of wages will the employees be entitled to?

  • Quarantine - in case an employee is ordered to observe quarantine, he is entitled to reimbursement of wages reaching 60 % of the reduced average earnings for the period of the first 14 calendar days, from day 15 he is entitled to sickness insurance benefits.
  • Taking care of a child under the age of 10 years – the employee is not entitled to reimbursement of wages from the employer, ale is entitled to caregiver allowance reaching 60 % of the daily base of assessment (like sickness insurance benefits).

Obstacles in work on the part of the employer

Downtime (article 207 of the Labour Code) – in case the employee cannot perform work due to a temporary fault caused by other operating causes, employees are entitled to reimbursement of wages reaching a minimum of 80 % of the average earning.

Short-time work

Short-time work – a contribution from the Labour Office at the time of partial unemployment subject to fulfilment of statutory conditions – requiring consent from the Government of the Czech Republic.

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