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As the world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 outbreak, business travel is getting a lot more active, and people are flying for their companies regularly now. This article provides an update on the latest travelling developments in Europe. 

The European Council has decided that visitors from 15 "safe" non-EU countries are allowed to enter the European Union. A few examples of these countries are Morocco, Japan, and Canada. Some countries however, were not deemed safe enough to be granted these permissions. Russia and the USA, despite "intense lobbying" in Brussels, are the two biggest countries on this list.

Start to resume international travel plans

The various COVID-19 containment measures have had a profound impact on both professional and personal travel.  Companies worldwide have had to cancel or postpone business trips and assignments.  Companies can now slowly start to resume their international travel plans and prepare for upcoming business travel and assignments – however, in some cases, depending on the country, such plans may still need to be “on hold.” 

Inside of the European borders, the situation is getting betterAlmost all of the EU member states have improved their situation dramatically.  Most shops have reopened, primary schools are teaching kids again, and even sporting events such as football leagues and Formula One races are starting to get back up to speed. Granted, there are still a lot of rules and measures in place to keep everything as safe as possible, but the situation is looking up. Italy, the country that was hit the hardest by far in the virus outbreak, is recovering well. Where people first were not allowed further than 200 meters distance from their house, they now can travel longer distances, and visit their relatives in small numbers.

Airport regulations

A rule most countries have in common is the mandatory use of face masks on public transport. In nearly every one of these countries, the face mask requirement is being enforced by authorities denying access to the transport or even  inflicting heavy fines. Travelling by plane has also become more accessible. Airports now have regulations in place so that traveling across countries is possible, even across the world! These regulations include, but are not limited to, mandatory use of masks over the course of the entire journey, separation of passengers - this is especially the case when travelling alone – and in hotels, guests may be asked to keep 1.5 meters distance in the communal areas such as the lobby and the restaurant.  

All in all, travelling is becoming more accessible for everyone, and the world is slowly opening up again. Soon, visitors from all countries will be able to go anywhere they want to go, provided it is safe. 

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