Baby and Toddler Product Innovations: Kind + Jugend Tradeshow Insights

One of the biggest baby and toddler product trade shows has recently finished - Kind + Jugend attracted many visitors from all around the world. This tradeshow presents a complete overview of all products on the market or soon to be presented for babies and toddlers up to the time they start school. Read more to learn what are the expert insights and learnings from the K + J tradeshow.

This year Kind + Jugend attracted a high number of foreign visitors and dynamic businesses. The overall impression is that the show was very successful with an impressive number of around 500 exhibitors from 38 countries worldwide. It was a place for anyone in the baby and toddler products industry. This amazing organization of the show had over 10,000 visitors from 103 countries, and 75% of them came from abroad. Numbers that are published by K + J show us that trade shows are back as one of the main networking and marketing resources for businesses after COVID-19.

An impressive number of foreign visitors that came from North America and Australia tells us that European expansion might be a part of a plan for many businesses there. The exhibitors came from all areas of the baby and toddler clothing sectors, but also those who are manufacturing strollers, child seats, and carriers, children’s furniture, and room furnishing, safety and monitoring, toys, and nutrition.

Innovations from K + J tradeshow 

Some of the winning innovations include a training potty with a backrest, baby smart monitors that can be mounted to the wall, furniture that is designed to stimulate the imagination of the child, strollers with fans, etc. But also, there were some innovations for moms, such as an on-the-go pillow that helps with back pain, trolleys with more storage space, and child seats that provide pleasant ventilation on hot summer days. We can conclude that this industry is growing despite challenging framework conditions. One of the happy news is that the birth rates rose in Germany again, and parents and grandparents are more interested in sustainable items in the babywear and baby accessories industry. Companies are also motivated to invest in sustainable and organic products. 

Learnings from EuroDev's expert

Coming back to the show after last year’s edition where just half a hall was filled, it was good to see good attendance and familiar faces at the show. With exhibitors from around the world, the primary innovation our business development experts noticed is the use of technology in everyday items and the strong focus on sustainable products. For example, one of the manufacturers in the Netherlands, Happy Bears, started producing washable diapers. On the other hand, some items like strollers were really affected by COVID-19 which slowed down innovation. This resulted in lower sales. Our experts had chats with both visitors and exhibitors and the overall impression was that everyone was satisfied with the show offering,

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Source: Kind + Jugend Press Release 

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