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If you are thinking about international expansion into Europe by means of outsourcing HR responsibilities, a most popular HR Outsourcing solution is an administrative services organization (ASO)This blog will discuss the ASO solution and how an ASO can help your international business growth. To learn more about another popular HR Outsourcing solution in Europe (PEO), please read our blog by clicking on this link.
When you are considering outsourcing your HR activities, both ASOs and PEOs are great solutions. Outsourcing your HR activities does not only help you to focus on more strategic and revenue-generating activities, but it can also help to reduce costs and liabilities. According to Forbes, 50 percent of established companies outsource all or some of their HR services. Small businesses are now following. 

What is an ASO?
An administrative services organization (ASO) is an organization that provides administrative and HR services/support for its clients. Examples of administrative and HR services which an ASO can provide, include: 

  • Payroll services such as processing and administration
  • Tax Administration & Reporting 
  • Benefits administration
  • Regulatory compliance 

Why use a European ASO?
An ASO is a convenient way to outsource tasks, such as payrolling, that can be more efficiently handled outside your own company. Why should I outsource responsibilities such as pay-rolling to an ASO? An ASO can provide a cost-effective solution for managing risks associated with employee management responsibilities which are listed above. Especially when managing employees across other countries, such as countries in Europe, where different employment legislations, times zones and languages are in place, managing/administering payroll can be complex. This is where a European ASO can add additional value.

In addition to the services listed, an ASO can assist their client on an hourly fee basis with legal and compliance issues. The client would then implement and manage the recommendations with their own resources.  

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Who uses an ASO in Europe? 
Typically, the ASO model is a valuable solution for established organizations which are looking to retain internal HR staff, as the ASO acts as a complementary extension of HR. Organizations use ASOs so that they keep full control over their employees.  

Should I use an ASO?  

Whether an ASO makes sense for your organization depends on several factors. First, you need to consider whether you want or need to outsource your organization’s HR tasks and responsibilities. Outsourcing HR functions can reduce your administrative workload and free up your time so you can focus on your business objectives. 

If you want or need to outsource HR tasks and responsibilities, you need to ask yourself which HR functions make most sense to outsource in your organizationIf you wish to outsource broad scope of your HR responsibilitiesPEO is your optimal HR solution. If you choose to limit the outsourcing to administrative HR tasks and responsibilities, then ASO would be the best option.  

If you’re considering PEO or ASO services, the best way to decide is to submit a request for a proposal and find out which model your business is best suited. We’d be happy to walk you through the advantages each model can offer your business to help you make an informed and optimal decision.

Interested to learn more about PEO as HR Outsourcing Solution? Click here.  

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Please contact  Monique Ramondt-Sanders - VP of Human Resource Outsourcing at EuroDev - for more details on ASO and PEO. Interested in more information concerning our HR Outsourcing services? Please have a look at our HR Outsourcing page

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