5 steps for finding distributors in Europe

When a North American company strives for European business presence, the option of allying with a European distributor should be taken into consideration. An EU distributor has the ability to deal with the numerous cultural, economic, political and legal differences between the continents. And, they probably already have the network and access to distribution channels in place. Finding distributors in Europe is easier with a trusted partner!

However, many companies overlook the importance of thorough research and screening of possible distributors. This paper serves to guide companies through the process of finding and evaluating distributors in Europe. Additionally, this whitepaper answers questions on how to:

  • Handle payments for distribution;
  • Safely ship products to and within Europe;
  • Deal with goods returns from Europe.


READ OUR WHITEPAPER HERE: 5 Steps for finding distributors

An Experienced Partner

For over 20 years EuroDev has been the preferred partner for North American companies looking to develop a sustainable European business. Our multinational professionals have helped over 250 clients map and roll out expansion strategies across Europe.

If you are willing to expand your business to Europe, please don't hesitate to contact Edward Nijland, COO, to learn how we can assist you with your export ambitions and objectives.

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